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Expanded List:
13 New Models,
90 Trim Levels

Stunning New Style. The Accord Coupe has a sporty and sophisticated style that makes a powerful statement on the road. Bold design touches like the new front grille and the sleek profile ensure that the all-new Accord Coupe always gets noticed.
  • Touring, MSRP: $34,475
  • LX-S Manual, MSRP: $24,125
  • EX Manual, MSRP: $26,250
  • EX Automatic, MSRP: $27,100
  • EX-L Automatic, MSRP: $29,095
  • EX-L Automatic with NAVI, MSRP: $30,095
  • EX-L V-6 Manual, MSRP: $31,275
  • EX-L V-6 Automatic, MSRP: $31,275
  • EX-L V-6 Manual with RES, MSRP: $33,275
  • EX-L V-6 Automatic with RES, MSRP: $33,275
  • LX-S Automatic, MSRP: $24,975
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The Accord Hybrid is both technologically sophisticated and uniquely stylish. Why settle when you can have the best of both worlds? Interior Imagination. From 10-way power seats with memory functionality, Dual-Zone Climate Control and more, the interior of Accord Hybrid is loaded with premium amenities. Our Best Accord is Actually a Hybrid.
  • Touring, MSRP: $35,955
  • Hybrid, MSRP: $29,605
  • EX-L, MSRP: $32,905
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Sophistication Comes Standard. Accord Sedan celebrates forty years by combining sophistication with style in a way that is distinctly Honda — immediately eye-catching and altogether irresistible. Feature Comforts. From available 10-way power seats with memory functionality to standard Dual-Zone Climate Control, the interior of the Accord is full of elegance and comfort.
  • EX CVT, MSRP: $27,470
  • Sport 2.0T 10-Speed Automatic, MSRP: $30,310
  • LX CVT, MSRP: $23,570
  • Sport 6-Speed Manual, MSRP: $25,780
  • Sport CVT, MSRP: $25,780
  • Sport 2.0T 6-Speed Manua, MSRP: $30,310
  • Touring CVT, MSRP: $33,800
  • EX-L CVT, MSRP: $29,970
  • EX-L 2.0T 10-Speed Automatic, MSRP: $31,970
  • Touring 2.0T 10-Speed Automatic, MSRP: $35,800
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4 NEW 2017 Honda CIVIC COUPE
2017 Honda Civic Coupe - Sporty. Sophisticated. Civic - A Two-Door Thrill: From the moment you walk up to Civic Coupe, the totally unexpected exterior design makes it obvious you’re in for a thrilling experience. The Inside Track: Climb inside and you'll find it's the most comfortable, sophisticated and premium-feeling Civic Coupe ever.
  • LX 6-Speed Manual, MSRP: $19,150
  • LX CVT Automatic, MSRP: $19,950
  • LX-P CVT Automatic, MSRP: $20,950
  • EX-T 6-Speed Manual, MSRP: $21,600
  • EX-T CVT Automatic, MSRP: $22,400
  • EX-L CVT Automatic, MSRP: $23,525
  • Touring CVT Automatic, MSRP: $26,225
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The Hatch is Back -- Bold. Brilliant. Beyond. The 2017 Civic Hatchback returns with a distinctly aggressive, angular style that is set to excite. Interior Excitement -- From leather appointments and Dual-Zone Climate Control to seating for 5 and room for plenty of cargo, the Civic Hatchback interior is full of surprises.
  • EX-L Navi CVT Automatic, MSRP: $25,300
  • EX CVT Automatic, MSRP: $22,800
  • Sport CVT Automatic, MSRP: $22,100
  • Sport 6-Speed Manual, MSRP: $21,300
  • LX CVT Automatic, MSRP: $20,500
  • LX 6-Speed Manual, MSRP: $19,700
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6 NEW 2017 Honda CIVIC SEDAN
The Sophisticated Civic - A Memorable Impression - The 2017 Civic Sedan features aggressive lines and refined features that make the car stand out from the crowd. Inside Outstanding - The Civic Sedan has grown up, and features the most comfortable and sophisticated interior of any Civic ever.
  • Touring CVT Automatic, MSRP: $26,600
  • EX-L CVT Automatic, MSRP: $23,800
  • EX-T CVT Automatic, MSRP: $22,300
  • EX-T 6-Speed Manual, MSRP: $21,500
  • LX 6-Speed Manual, MSRP: $18,740
  • LX CVT Automatic, MSRP: $19,540
  • EX CVT Automatic, MSRP: $21,140
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Put range anxiety in the rear-view mirror. Sometimes, you want to drive an electric car. Sometimes, you need more flexibility. That’s why Honda created the Clarity Plug-In Hybrid. Charge up and drive on electricity, or tap into its hybrid engine for unexpected turns—all while spending less time at the pump.
  • Plug-in Hybrid, MSRP: $33,400
  • Touring, MSRP: $36,600
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8 NEW 2018 Honda CR-V
A New Take on a Trendsetter: Distinctive head-and taillights and sporty, sculpted panels create a design that is set to raise the bar for SUVs. The 2018 CR-V is a SUV of style. From bumper to bumper, the CR-V is loaded with just about everything you need to do all the things you want to do. It's your ultra-versatile adventure partner, built to take you just about anywhere you're willing to go.
  • EX AWD CVT, MSRP: $283,500
  • LX 2WD CVT, MSRP: $24,150
  • LX AWD CVT, MSRP: $25,550
  • EX 2WD CVT, MSRP: $26,950
  • EX-L 2WD CVT, MSRP: $29,450
  • EX-L AWD CVT, MSRP: $30,850
  • Touring 2WD CVT, MSRP: $32,650
  • Touring AWD CVT, MSRP: $34,050
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9 NEW 2017 Honda FIT
Style and Function. The 2017 Fit is four-wheeled fashion and function. Its body creates an aerodynamic profile for excellent fuel efficiency, but don’t worry, it still fits a kayak. More in Store. The interior was designed to maximize the size and utility of the space. See the incredible results.
  • LX 6-Speed Manual, MSRP: $15,990
  • LX CVT Automatic, MSRP: $16,790
  • EX 6-Speed Manual, MSRP: $17,900
  • EX CVT Automatic, MSRP: $18,700
  • EX-L CVT Automatic, MSRP: $20,265
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10 NEW 2017 Honda HR-V
Crossover to Adventure: The distinct exterior lines of the 2017 Honda HR-V point you toward adventure, whether your wheels are on the ground in a cityscape or the countryside. One HR-V Fits All: With up to 58.8-cubic-feet of cargo space, you’ve got room for more than just the essentials. Utility Mode: Magic Seat goes down, cargo space goes up.
  • LX 2WD 6-Speed Manual, MSRP: $19,465
  • LX 2WD CVT Automatic, MSRP: $20,265
  • LX AWD CVT Automatic, MSRP: $21,565
  • EX 2WD 6-Speed Manual, MSRP: $21,515
  • EX 2WD CVT Automatic, MSRP: $22,315
  • EX AWD CVT Automatic, MSRP: $23,615
  • EX-L Navi 2WD CVT Automatic, MSRP: $24,940
  • EX-L Navi AWD CVT Automatic, MSRP: $26,240
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11 NEW 2018 Honda ODYSSEY
The 2018 Honda Odyssey Minivan. Style Runs in the Family. We think a minivan should always look sharp. That's why the Odyssey has an aerodynamic profile punctuated with a rear roofline spoiler.
  • Elite 10-Speed Automatic, MSRP: $46,670
  • Touring 10-Speed Automatic, MSRP: $44,510
  • EX-L 9-Speed Automatic, MSRP: $37,360
  • LX 9-Speed Automatic, MSRP: $29,990
  • EX 9-Speed Automatic, MSRP: $33,860
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12 NEW 2017 Honda PILOT
Redesigned for the Modern Family... With all-new aerodynamic styling, the 2017 Honda Pilot SUV has never looked sharper. Room for Everyone... The Pilot can seat up to 8 and still have room for an 82-quart cooler behind the 3rd-row seat.
  • LX 2WD 6-Speed Automatic, MSRP: $30,595
  • LX AWD 6-Speed Automatic, MSRP: $32,395
  • EX AWD 6-Speed Automatic, MSRP: $34,830
  • EX-L 2WD 6-Speed Automatic, MSRP: $36,455
  • EX-L AWD 6-Speed Automatic, MSRP: $38,255
  • Touring 2WD 9-Speed Automatic, MSRP: $41,670
  • Touring AWD 9-Speed Automatic, MSRP: $43,470
  • Elite AWD 9-Speed Automatic, MSRP: $47,070
  • EX 2WD 6-Speed Automatic, MSRP: $33,030
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13 NEW 2018 Honda RIDGELINE
A Truckload of Ingenuity. The new 2018 Ridgeline has been completely reimagined and redesigned, featuring a host of innovations that will change the way you see a truck. An Intuitive Interior. Ridgeline combines the functionality of a truck with an interior that features upscale amenities, seating for 5 and up to 109 cu. ft. of interior space.
  • RT 2WD 6-Speed Automatic, MSRP: $29,630
  • Sport 2WD 6-Speed Automatic, MSRP: $33,170
  • Sport AWD 6-Speed Automatic, MSRP: $35,070
  • RTL 2WD 6-Speed Automatic, MSRP: $33,930
  • RTL AWD 6-Speed Automatic, MSRP: $35,830
  • RTL-T 2WD 6-Speed Automatic, MSRP: $36,080
  • RTL-T AWD 6-Speed Automatic, MSRP: $37,980
  • RTL-E AWD 6-Speed Automatic, MSRP: $41,620
  • Black Edition AWD 6-Speed Automatic, MSRP: $43,120
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